My Podcast Reveal – The Pilot Episode

Join the conversation with Hailey Nicole, a mental health advocate blogger. The current college athlete is joined by fellow athletes to share their mental health journies. Listen to hear the story of each featured current/former college athlete from all divisions and sports, and find empowerment to rethink suffering in silence.

Inside The Mind of a Successful Student-Athlete: A Year Later

Back in February, I did something that I never thought I’d be able to accomplish and it all started with my first ever blog post, published one year ago. A simple piece with such a big message took me down a road I never even imagined. Now, the piece didn’t go viral but it led … Continue reading Inside The Mind of a Successful Student-Athlete: A Year Later

A Very Real & Honest Conversation Part 2: Life Update

I say that it's okay to embrace your struggle and let yourself be sad, but it's also important to embrace your progress and let yourself be happy.

Depression in Student-Athletes

I struggle with depression. Whether I'm on top of the world or can't get myself out of bed, it'll always be a part of my life. Depression can come in waves; sometimes, it's a tsunami that overtakes my entire life, sometimes it's a little wave that sneaks its way into my thoughts.

When a Slump Gets the Best of You

These are the dreaded periods of life where you’re not experiencing an episode of depression, something is just off. Slumps cause an immense feeling of uncertainty and distress because it is hard to pinpoint what is off. Everyone goes through slumps, yet no one exactly is sure of why or how to get out of … Continue reading When a Slump Gets the Best of You