I Went to a Small High School and I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

I said goodbye to the small school that I spent half of my life in. Within those walls, I cried so many tears, celebrated the triumphs, and made unforgettable memories that I’ll hold onto forever. Each classroom held a different lesson from teachers who cared about us like we were their own kids. In the hallways, many friendships were formed with people who would touch your life forever. In the gym, we gave blood, sweat, and tears to a sport all for a trophy, but, in the end, we got so much more.  


I grew up in a small school and I wouldn’t change a thing. I take pride in representing my school and have always been proud of where I come from. I went through years of explaining where my school is because no one has heard of it. The true experience is something that I’ll never be able to explain. The thrill of the cross-town rivalry, the irreplaceable bonds we created, and everything in between. We lived the underdog story that no one has ever heard before. It’s not a typical high school experience and it’s one I wouldn’t trade for the world.


I wouldn’t be who I am without my school, it was my second home. No matter what, I always had someone there for me. we develop lifelong friendships, some will fade after graduation but some will never die. No matter where life takes us, we always have a home to come back to. Whenever things get rough, we always have a family that will have our back. We have friends that will always be a text away. We support each other, we celebrate each other’s success, and pick each other up during the toughest times. We are united as one and when one falls, we all feel it. We always know that we have each other when we need a shoulder to cry on and we stand hand in hand ready to take on anything.


Going to a small school taught me the most valuable life lesson: you aren’t defined by others expectations of you. We live to defy the odds, and thanks to our teachers and coaches we have learned that we can do anything. We didn’t have all the resources and opportunities, but we always found a way to overcome adversity.


We are proud of our roots. There have definitely been times when we can’t wait to get out of our little town, but we all know that we’ll miss it one day. We always made the most out of everything because we know that our high school experience is not like any other school. In those walls, we learned about heartbreak and true love. We learned how to get back up every time life threw us to the ground. In those walls, we grew up to be strong young adults who are ready to change the world.

I am thankful that I grew up in my small school. No matter where we go, we will be united.

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