My Unspoken Truth

Every day is a battle

A battle unseen by most

An internal war

A fight to grasp reality

This is my unspoken truth

The life I’ve been living inside my head

The side I try to hide away

What’s beneath the smile that hides the pain


I’m obsessed with what people think of me

Always trying to please someone else

I put others before myself all the time

So much so that I often forget to take care of myself

It’s nice that I care so much but a little too much

I do it to distract myself from my inner demons

But I can’t stop my mind from spiraling 


Some call me a perfectionist

Honestly, that’s an understatement

All you see is my obsessive behavior 

You see my desire to succeed

But you can’t see my deadly fear of failure

You just see a normal overachiever

I see a girl who achieves in order to distract her brain


It’s not easy for me to be vulnerable 

So I keep to myself most days

I may seem emotionless most of the time

But those who know me beyond my exterior

They know that I’m an emotional wreck


I have so many thoughts in my head 

Yet I say so little

Except when I’m speaking like this 

This is when I feel at ease

This is where I can be vulnerable

This is where I can speak my truth


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