Top 5 of 2019

To end 2019 and welcome 2020, I’m taking a look back at the work published in 2019 to countdown the top 5 most viewed posts.

#5 I’m Sorry to the Person I Almost Lost

A personal favorite of mine from a literature standpoint. An emotional apology to a younger version of myself, one of the first times I was vulnerable in my posts.

#4 The Internal War of an Elite Athlete

A story similar to my first post but a more in-depth version of my personal story about my struggles in mental health as a student-athlete.

#3 A Very Real and Honest Conversation About My Transition into College

My most vulnerable post and the honest I’ve ever been. My first post in 3 months to open up about absolutely everything that has gone on in those 3 months.

#2 Inside The Mind of a Successful Student-Athlete: A Year Later

A revision of my very first post and reflection of my proudest achievement. This is a look back at my Indiana State Championship winning speech. As a bonus, here’s the video to the speech > Click Here

#1 It’s Time To Start Making Your Mental Health a Priority

Finally, the most shared post of the year. This was the post that inspired me to focus on mental health continue blogging.

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